27 Nov 2023

Despite Google’s established dominance in the search engine market, (77.5% in the U.S. and 83.5% globally), TikTok’s growth in the search engine space isn’t something to be overlooked. For Gen Z, TikTok is steadily, gaining traction as a preferred medium for search queries.  This trend is not just a fleeting shift but a signal of evolving user preferences, just take it from the 74% of Gen Z users who are turning to TikTok for search purposes.

In a recent survey, an eye-opening 51% favored TikTok over Google, preferring the platform’s engaging video format (69%) and its delivery of more relatable content (65%). These statistics highlight a significant transition in search behaviors, particularly among younger internet users.

As Gen Z matures, they represent not only a future market but an increasingly influential current demographic. Adapting to platforms like TikTok is crucial to stay relevant and competitive in the future. Proactively engaging with this growing platform can position properties in an ever-evolving digital landscape where TikTok’s influence is poised to expand.


The future of TikTok goes beyond traditional social media functions, by actively motivating users to turn their travel aspirations into bookings. With 16 billion views and counting, here is why you should be prioritizing #TravelTok in your marketing strategy:

60% of surveyed TikTok users  became interested in visiting a new destination after seeing a TikTok video about it and 32% have booked a stay at a new resort or hotel they saw on the platform.

TikTok is rapidly transforming the travel purchase journey, just look at the stats:

  •  TikTok Insights in the US showed that users engaged with TikTok in their travel planning are 1.2 times more likely to increase their spending.
  • The involvement of TikTok in the travel decision-making process also leads to 1.7 times more online research by users, showing it’s crucial for brand awareness for your hotel and another avenue to drive traffic to your website.
  • In the post-purchase stage, 48% of TikTok travel shoppers continue to engage with properties, 57% of these users are likely to influence others to make similar purchases, and three times more likely to leave reviews.

The stats highlight a missed opportunity for hoteliers to effectively integrate TikTok into their marketing strategies, tapping into its growing influence to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

#TravelTok Strategy: Where to begin?

Creating a TikTok strategy is straightforward: optimize trends and publish the right content. Here are some top tips for crafting a compelling TikTok presence:

Trending Sounds

Luckily, finding trends for hotel content isn’t a tough task. With stunning landscapes, cozy hotel corners, and vibrant cultural scenes, they all make for irresistible posts. When you blend these visuals with trending sounds, the magic happens. Your content doesn’t just catch the eye; it rides the wave of current trends, and utilizing trending sounds on TikTok is for more than just making a video look and sound better, there’s a strategy behind it to get your content in the right place, at the right time

With TikTok’s algorithm content can be seen by anyone and everyone, so worry less about followers and more about boosting your content reach. Trending sounds can dramatically increase the reach and engagement of your content, propelling videos to appear more frequently on users’ ‘For You’ pages, leading to higher visibility and interaction from a broader audience.

One downside for business accounts though, is that trending sounds can be curated by any user. While businesses can still use original sounds, TikTok has not cleared these sounds to use for commercial purposes, so always be aware you may not have the legal clearance to use them.

Trending Content

Mastering TikTok trends for your travel content doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple yet effective tactic is to use text overlays in your videos. This method, like adding captions such as ‘pov you’ve arrived in paradise’ or ‘insert property name/location here >’, is straightforward but incredibly impactful. These text overlays immediately grab the user’s attention, creating a longing to experience what you’re showcasing firsthand.

Another trending approach in the travel sector involves playing the role of a local guide. By creating videos that showcase your area’s attractions and activities, like ‘Things To Do In [your location]’, you cater to a broader audience. This strategy doesn’t just appeal to those seeking accommodations; it also captures the interest of individuals planning to explore your location or its unique attractions.

Both these content styles are versatile and can be easily updated or repurposed, a strategy we highly recommend to enhance both engagement and reach.

Behind The Scenes

TikTok is all about getting a real, behind-the-scenes look at things, and that’s why hotel BTS videos are such a hit.

When users scroll through TikTok, seeing what goes on behind the closed doors of a hotel is like getting an exclusive backstage pass. It’s way more than just showing off rooms and lobbies. It’s about the hustle in the kitchen, the care in setting up a room just right, and the friendly faces of the staff.

This kind of content feels genuine and builds trust, turning a hotel from just a place to crash into a place with its own vibe and stories. For potential guests, it’s a sneak peek into the heart of the hotel – the passion, the hard work, and all the little things that make a stay special.

On TikTok, users are after content that’s down-to-earth and personal, and that’s exactly what hotel BTS delivers. It’s not just about attracting viewers; it’s about creating a community who get to be part of the hotel’s journey.

Mix Up Your Content

Mixing up your TikTok content with a blend of user-generated and professional footage is a total game-changer for hotels.

Why? Because it’s like giving your viewers the best of both worlds. On one hand, UGC-style videos are like a candid, insider look – think guests sharing their real experiences, unscripted moments in the lobby, or arriving in their room. It’s raw, relatable, and super engaging.

Then, you’ve got the slick, professional shots that show off the hotel’s elegance and charm, like those breathtaking drone shots.

This mix keeps your feed fresh and exciting. For potential guests scrolling through TikTok, this variety paints a full picture of what staying at your hotel is really like – from the glitz and glam to the genuine, everyday moments.

It’s all about striking that perfect balance between polished and personal, showing off your hotel’s personality that really resonates with TikTok travelers.

Places & Reviews

For Business account holders, TikTok is branching out with its new ‘Places’ feature, which includes your business in the platform’s search section.

This innovative addition allows users to rate and leave reviews for hotels, marking a significant shift in how TikTok is used as a search engine. While this feature is still in its early stages, it opens up exciting possibilities for hoteliers.

Not only does it provide a new avenue for potential guests to discover your property, but it also offers a platform for real-time feedback and customer engagement. This could transform TikTok into a more comprehensive tool for travelers, where they can not only find inspiration but also read actual guest reviews and ratings.

For hoteliers, this means an increased focus on maintaining a strong presence on TikTok is crucial, as these reviews could significantly influence a traveler’s decision-making process.

TikTok is rapidly carving out a significant niche in the world of search engines, a trend that can’t be ignored by the travel and hotel industry. With its staggering growth and increasing preference among younger demographics, this platform is more than just a social media sensation. It’s evolving into a crucial hub for discovery and decision-making, especially in travel.

In Conclusion

By integrating TikTok into your marketing strategies and harnessing its unique strengths – be it through engaging content, user reviews, or trending sounds and visuals – hoteliers have a golden opportunity to tap into this new wave of search behavior. This isn’t just about keeping pace with digital trends; it’s about embracing a transformation in how potential travelers seek information and make their travel choices.

Need help with starting your TikTok strategy? We’re here to help you elevate your social media presence, let’s connect!