GA4 – Friendly UTM Builder

Adding the right snippet of code to your URLs makes it easy to track campaigns in Google Analytics (GA4).

Urchin Tracking Modules 

‘Urchin Tracking Modules’ (UTMs) are simple bits of code that can be attached to any URL. They generate the Google Analytics data you need to track the performance of your campaigns. They have steadily become an essential part of digital marketing, which is why we’re giving them away!

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Fine Tuning Your Approach

By placing UTM links in your campaign ads, you can follow how many visitors come from each link and how they behave once they have reached your website. Using this insight into web traffic, you can test and fine-tune your strategy and tactics. Are you on the right platforms? Is your ad copy working? Which visitors are booking? Of, these are the precise issues we happen to be experts in too.

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