Live Urgency, Pricing & Availability

Our unique Live Urgency, Pricing & Availability (LUPA) tool seamlessly updates Google Ads with real-time booking info.

Dynamic Ads Power Dynamic Results

Imagine delivering ad creatives that are always up-to-date and relevant. We are the only agency that can deploy our powerful LUPA technique to continually update and populate your campaigns – putting you a huge step ahead of the competition.

Our Live Urgency, Pricing & Availability tool dynamically populates your Google Ads directly from your Central Reservations System or Property Management System. There’s no need to worry about integration. We can connect to over 100 platforms and the list is growing every day. 

Built-in thresholds and limits mean you don’t have to lose an iota of control as you gain all the benefits of automation. These benefits, importantly, are not limited to just saving you time and effort.  Showing audiences real-time availability and pricing is proven to improve click-through and booking rates. Who can resist clicking if there are only a few rooms left? Who wants to risk missing out?   The answer, it seems, is not many. Our industry-first, Google-authored case study shows the addition of dynamic real-time data in ad copy, on average, tripled campaign return on investment.

We’re very proud of our LUPA tool. It’s an example of our innovation in action and is already making a huge difference in how our industry advertises online. We would love to discuss how the tool could make your digital marketing campaigns more effective.

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