RateMate is a small powerful piece of AI that creates compelling website and booking engine copy for hospitality sales professionals and revenue managers.

Create Instant Campaign Copy

There are only so many ways you can write “Book Early and Save 10%” before writer’s block kicks in. That’s why we created RateMate. It is a quick tool that takes a few small pieces of information and produces short-form copy for use in websites, booking engines or emails — anywhere you need a little help in finding the right words.  

Try RateMate for yourself

A busy property will undoubtedly run multiple campaigns across numerous platforms and, even if you’re the most creative marketer in the world, inspiration can soon become a challenge. RateMate, however, is never phased by a blank sheet of paper or stalled by writer’s block. With a few clicks to prompt it, RateMate will instantaneously draft unique short-form promotional copy that’s ready to publish. 

How Ratemate Works

A large language model combined with machine learning means RateMate is doing more than simply regurgitating existing copy. It will continually improve its choices as it writes, creating more compelling and engaging sales content the more it’s used. Better copy, of course, leads to better guest engagement and higher conversion rates for your campaigns.  

You’re welcome to use RateMate for free through our site. Do contact us, however, if you’d like to integrate it within your wider advertising and campaign systems. We would love to show you how ‘instant copy’ can make your strategy incredibly dynamic and responsive.

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