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Do you want to track your campaigns online?

UTM parameters are crucial in marketing as they enable precise tracking and analysis of online campaigns. By appending these tags to URLs, marketers can identify the specific sources, mediums, and campaigns that drive traffic, conversions, and engagement. UTM tags provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of different marketing channels, aiding in strategic decision-making and optimizing marketing efforts for maximum impact.

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UTM parameters tell Google Analytics how to categorize your traffic and better break down data in its reports.

Required UTM parameters:

Source: lets you identify the traffic’s origin, e.g. Facebook, TikTok, paid ads, or your weekly newsletter.

Medium: categorizes the types of traffic sources, e.g. social media (all platforms), blogs and email (both newsletters and promotional email blasts).

Campaign: highlights why you generated this traffic, e.g. for a last-minute summer holiday promotion, a direct booking campaign, or to offer newsletter subscribers an exclusive deal.

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