Introducing Henry

Henry has been designed to save hotel managers time by formulating professional and empathetic responses to guest reviews.

Manage Hotel Reviews with Ease

Formulate the perfect response to any review of your hotel with Henry. Our software analyzes the review and will provide suggestions for responding in a professional and constructive manner.

Using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to identify the key issues mentioned in the review, our software will suggest appropriate responses that address those concerns. It also takes into account the tone of the review and recommends a response that is empathetic and acknowledges the guest’s experience.

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Why is responding to negative reviews necessary?

Responding to negative reviews shows that the business values customer feedback and is committed to resolving issues and improving customer satisfaction. It also provides an opportunity for the business to address any misunderstandings or offer solutions to problems, which can potentially turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Ignoring negative reviews can also create the perception that the business does not care about its customers, which can further damage its reputation. Therefore, responding to the review promptly and professionally is crucial for businesses to maintain a positive image and retain customer loyalty.

How can Henry help save me time?

Henry eliminates the need for hotel staff to manually read and analyze each review to determine an appropriate response. Instead, the software can quickly analyze the review and provide a suggested response based on the content and tone of the review. Additionally, the tool can provide templates for common issues, allowing staff to quickly choose and modify a response rather than starting from scratch. This can help ensure that all reviews receive a timely and appropriate response.

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