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Do you want to know how well Google can see your hotel website?

We’re all about the freebies at three&six! Simply enter your hotel website address in the box below and we’ll email you a 100 point SEO report. This report covers everything from your technical score to how fast your website performs and gives you an overall score.

The overall industry average score is 58.3% and if you want to know how you benchmark in other areas, you can download our white paper HERE.

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What will you see in your personalized SEO report?

With over 100 data points analysed, there is a lot in this report. We assess all well-known SEO areas on your website including:

  • On page technical
  • Usability
  • Links
  • Performance
  • Social

Some of the content can get quite technical and not all aspects of SEO are equal, so weighing up what is a priority to fix over what is not may require the help of a professional. If you need any help, the team at three&six will be happy to help you.

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