Facebook Travel Ads

Facebook Travel ads (previously known as dynamic ads for travel) serves dynamic ads to target audiences with customised messaging based on real-time availability and pricing. 


Facebook Travel Ads will automatically pull availability, stay dates and real-time rates from your site to reach your audience on the platform.

The ads adapt the messaging to who it is reaching and, more importantly, what interests them the most. 

Whether that’s matching site visitors with availability or, machine-learning to target potential travelers at different stages of their planning journey.

Our team of experts can help you utilise Facebook Travel ads to tap in to your customers’ wants and needs, putting information in front of them that is most relevant to them.

When used, Facebook Travel Ads generated 50:1 ROAS – over 4X more than the return from standard social advertising. Facebook also selected a previous campaign for a travel-specific case study and praised the generated returns.